Presented in a Foldable Red Shopper Case with Aluminium Handle and containing:

  • Shy Pig Cuvee  Brut 750 ml
  • Superior Dark  Chocolate Liquorice Bullets  200g
  • Anna’s Ginger Thins 150g     
  • Pop Fresh Sweet Chilli  Popcorn  100g
  • Bakers & Co Jam Swirls 50g
  • Snax Pretzels 35 g
  • Sea Salt & Pepper  Flavoured Peanuts 30g 
The Tasty Treats Hamper is an exciting parcel of picnic goods. Delivered in a foldable red shopper case with an aluminium handle, the basket is ready to carry to any event. With a bottle of Brut, and a variety of your favourite snacks, this hamper is a perfect way to celebrate birthdays, Christmas, or even the end of the week. The hamper contains a Shy Pig Cuvee Brut 750 ml for those adults who are ready for an afternoon beverage with their tasty treats. The South Eastern Australia sparkling will pair well, not only with the salty snacks in the Tasty Treats Hamper, but also a chicken or duck dish later on in the evening. The hamper also includes Melbourne made Superior Dark Chocolate Liquorice Bullets 200g which will have you salivating from the first bite. Along with the bullets, Anna’s Ginger Thins 150g make an appearance in the hamper. Made from natural ingredients, the cookie follows a Swedish recipe from generations gone by. The cookies have been circulating Europe for nearly a century, so they’re definitely something to savour. Another sweet treat is Bakers & Co Jam swirls 50g, so you can indulge in the sweet things in life. The hamper also contains some salty snacks includingPop Fresh Sweet Chilli Popcorn 100g, Snack Pretzels 35g, and Sea Salt and Pepper flavoured peanuts 30g.