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We provide an exceptional range of promotional merchandise & exquisite hampers perfect for the family, close friends, colleagues & corporate gifts. Our hampers come packed with wonderful goodies including but not limited to wines, chocolates, nuts, biscuits, beer & so much more!


Promotional Swimmer Backsack

Say goodbye to finding long lost wet swim gear at the bottom of your child's sports bag - say hello to this classic meshed backsack.

$ $7.77

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Real Estate House Magnet

An ideal fridge magnet for your real estate office campaign.

$ $1.47

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Real Estate Metal Keyring

The Real Estate Metal Keyring features a shiny nickel split ring and light weight matt aluminium body.

$ $2.89

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Rectangle Keyring

Our popular soft PVC Rectangle Keyrings give massive savings.

$ $0.72

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Recycled Sports Bag

This Recycled Sports Bag is made from 100% PET recycled material!

$ $22.68

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Ref Metal Whistle

A cool new way to perform your referee duties wearing this Ref Metal Whistle with 380mm black lanyard and a plastic breakaway. Also a great branding tool for school and safety programs

$ $3.62

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Salmat Drink Bottle - 700ml

The absolute latest design, these fantastic bottles are walking off the shelves as this seasons hottest product!

$ $9.88

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Single Wine Tote Bag

These fantastic tote bags are great to hold your favourite bottle of wine.

$ $1.94

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Skipping Rope

A promotional skipping rope which is actually a multi-function jump rope that counts rotations and calories burned.

$ $6.36

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Small Microfibre Sport Towels

$ $4.72

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Small Piggy Coin Bank

A translucent piggy bank to serve as a fine decor and a way to encourage money savings.

$ $2.05

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Snack Rack

Large enough to fit cheese, crackers and all those tasty snacks, the perfect item for your logo.

$ $22.36

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Spinning House Keyring

This spinning house metal keyring is an ideal promotional item for housing constructions and real estate companies.

$ $3.89

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Stadium Bag

Are you looking for a seriously big bag? The reflective piping wrap on the sides of this customised bag stand out. An ideal sports bag with many compartments to fit all your sporting needs.

$ $46.02

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Sun Smart Keyrings

This sun smart keyring changes colours and gets darker with higher UV exposure.

$ $2.25

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Sun Spiral Notebook

The best thing about this Sun Spiral Notebook is its high quality contrasting colour polypro fold-over cover which can definitely highlight your logo.

$ $6.48

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Sunset Sports Bag

A classic item that continues to please!

$ $27.54

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Swag Stationery Set

Stationery set in canvas pencil case/roll up pouch. Contains 12 natural timber finish coloured pencils, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener & 15cm timber ruler.

$ $9.66

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Tape Measure Keyring

Logo branded 2 metre tape measure keyring with both centimetres and inches feature. White base only so your details will be highlighted.

$ $2.10

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Tasman Silver Pen

Our best selling Tasman Pen is available in silver barrels with coloured rubber grips.

$ $0.82

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