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We provide an exceptional range of promotional merchandise & exquisite hampers perfect for the family, close friends, colleagues & corporate gifts. Our hampers come packed with wonderful goodies including but not limited to wines, chocolates, nuts, biscuits, beer & so much more!


Foam Floating Keyrings

These Foam Floating Keyrings offer fantastic value for money!

$ $2.04

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Foldable BBQ Set

The foldable BBQ is made of sturdy steel, the tongs and fork of stainless steel with black wooden handles.

$ $50.08

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Football Coin Bank

Moulded from flexible PVC (almost unbreakable) with screw off bung at base.

$ $6.49

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Football Rocket

A mini football rocket made of light weight stress toy foam. Offering hours of fun this a great way to enjoy a bot of quality time with the kids!

$ $3.28

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Forrest Glass Drink Bottles - 600ml

These bottles are lightweight, strong and the perfect environmentally friendly option!

$ $7.95

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Gardening Apron

This apron is made from heavy duty canvas, has a waist strap which loops around through two belt loops, 2 large double pockets on the front, 6 utensil loops and a small phone pouch.

$ $10.25

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Henley Metal Bottle - 600ml

A fantastic high-quality 600mL aluminum drink bottle that's the perfect companion to keep you hydrated! These bottles will go the distance and have an indefinite lifespan. They come in individual white boxes and have a handy carabiner clip making them perfect for outdoor adventures.

$ $4.28

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Hi Bounce Handball

At long last a promotional hi-bounce ball! Ideal for kids at a school (this is a great piece for school uniform shops) it comes printed with your logo in an extremely durable ink as standard so that your branding always lasts.

$ $3.15

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House Coin Bank

Moulded from flexible PVC (almost unbreakable) with screw off bung at base.

$ $8.06

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House Memo Clip

This plastic Magnetic memo clip holder comes in a variety of colours to match your logo.

$ $4.41

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House Stress Toy

A promotional item perfect for those involved in housing or real-estate.

$ $3.47

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House Tape Measure Keyring

The House Tape Measure has a metal tape measure, a key chain, measures up to 1 metre plus a metric and imperial measurements.

$ $2.43

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Industrial First Aid Kit

Made of strong ABS with wall bracket and a neoprene seal, this large kit contains a comprehensive range of fi rst aid items ideal for worksite or office.

$ $65.87

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Jelly Beans - 25 grams

Delicious Jelly beans supplied in a 25 gram pack. Ideal as a low cost giveaway products for your next event or sales promotion. You can have these in mixed colours or colours that match your brand!

$ $1.25

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Kensington Cheese Board

The board has a unique design that swivels open to reveal two cheese knives and a cheese fork that comes neatly stored inside. If you love cheese, you'll love these.

$ $27.80

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Kooyong Chopping Board

Made from bamboo with packaging in shrink wrap and a brown box.

$ $13.15

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Laver Metal Bottle - 560ml

The Laver comes in 7 different colours and has a drinking tube to set it apart from the crowd. Holding 560ml it is the ideal size - not too big, not too small!

$ $6.68

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Letts Soccer Ball

The top grade soccer ball, perfect for clubs and teams!

$ $15.11

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Lewis Corporate Bottle - 750ml

With great looks, this bottle is made to the highest tolerances and designed to impress.

$ $6.03

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Lilly Metal Bottle - 750ml

The Lilly Custom Metal Water Bottles branded with your laser engraved logo. Made to high tolerances from stainless steel it has a single wall construction. Also featuring a black silicon ring the Lilly holds 750ml.

$ $7.50

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