Get your samples sent straight to their door

Sample Post is a low cost way to mail recipients a sample of your product to try.

Building trust in your brand

Your customers can try before they buy which promotes trust in your brand and encourages a first time purchase.

Product trials

Sending samples via mail means customers can try the product in their own homes, away from distraction & temptation of other products & brands.

Cost effective

You save money by avoiding the expense of street or event sampling.

Geographical impact

Sample Post is the easiest way to introduce your product to a large volume of potential consumers over a broad geographical area.

Brand awareness

You put your product directly in the hand of a well targeted potential consumer & increase their awareness of your brand.

B & B Fulfilment works in unison with Australia Post to ensure that Sample Post small parcels are mailed at a substantially discounted rate in comparison to regular small parcels.  It is a simple and cost effective solution that achieves results fast. 
The Australia Post Sample Post Guide Booklet can be downloaded via this page.