I've just closed the online store down for the holiday. Thanks for a great year. We are really very happy with B & B's service & are very glad we found you! Thanks for all the 'above & beyond' you've done for us & we look forward to a huge New Year for both of us!

by B. Wright | singlemalt.com.au

Customer Testimonials

Satisfaction Guaranteed! B & B have been managing my fulfilment for four (4) months, since I started working at Network Services. Their professionalism is second to none. My jobs are completed well before the given deadline and the service I receive is of a very high standard. I have, and will continue to recommend B & B Fulfilment to all my clients. 

by G. Savvas, Marketing Specialist | Network Services

We recently began using B & B Fulfilment as they provided us with the most economical solutions to our packaging and logistical needs. Their attention to detail and service is second to none. From supply to fulfilment every aspect of our jobs are completed and delivered on time and as per our briefs. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone!

by J. Black | Conomos Corporate Marketing Pty Ltd

I have always had exceptional service from B & B Fulfilment, they are efficient, cost effective and extremely reliable, which makes my job so much easier!

by J. Hegerty, Assistant Brand Manager | Burkes Backyard & Good Medicine Magazines | ACP Publishing Pty Ltd