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 Personalise it

From 3 January 2017 you can include customised promotional messages with your Print Post publications.
When your customer communications are personally relevant, you have more opportunity to create better connections and build customer loyalty.
That’s the idea behind Print Post Personalisation, an update to Australia Post’s Print Post service that lets you individualise your publication and associated
content, meaning you can tailor promotional messages in your magazines or catalogues to be personally relevant to your readers.

Special offers acknowledging a birthday? Magazine editorial highlighting advertising and articles of particular interest? Personalised promotional codes to reward
customers and measure responses?

All these options and more will be accessible when delivering your publication with Print Post.
So now you will have the choice to offer a variety of different communication services to connect with readers, with the ability to:

• Send the same communications to all readers, i.e. as it is today
• Target different communications to different segments – for example by using your customer profiles to tailor specific content to particular readers, or
• Personalise content to each individual reader.
To maximise your return on print post mail take a look at the new update below or drop us a line.
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