9 Tips on how to use QR Codes

dynamic QR Codes

Use dynamic QR Codes

Use dynamic QR Codes to edit the target URL anytime. This is useful to redirect the user to a different website without the need to print the QR Code again.

Dynamic QR Codes
Optimized content for Smartphones

Optimize for Smartphones

Make sure that your QR Codes lead to websites which are displayed well on mobile devices and visitors can easily navigate on the site. 

Mobile Landing Pages
decoding hints

Give hints for decoding

Even if most people have seen and know how to use a QR Code give a hint where to download a reader software for QR Codes. 

QR Code Reader Software

Arouse Curiosity

Arouse Curiosity

Offer an incentive to scan your QR Code and announce where the QR Code will lead the user to. For Example: If the code is printed on a food package you may add the following information:

Scan the QR Code for a fabulous ham & eggs recipe.
scan test

Do a scan Test

Print the QR Code and scan the code in advance. Check if the QR Code really redirects you to your desired landing page. Add the protocol in front of your URL (http:// or https://). Some QR Code readers may not recognize your link otherwise.

Printing Tips for QR Codes
useful information on the landing page

Provide useful information

Do NOT just link to your website. Redirect the user to a landing page especially designed for your campaign and optimized for mobile devices.

size and positioning of a QR Code

Watch the size and positioning

To scan a QR Code, he must have a certain minimum size (Recommended Minimum QR Code Size: 2x2 cm). This size works well for business cards, flyers or on packaging.

Minimum Size of QR Codes
accessible QR Code

Make QR Codes accessible

Think about where you want to place the QR Code. It should be in a comfortable height. The user will not climb a ladder to scan the QR Code or stop his car on the highway to scan a QR Code on a poster.

alternative URL

Provide an alternative URL

Just in case a user does not have a QR Code reader installed on his mobile phone, print an alternative URL next to the QR Code.